If you have a Freddy (and there are plenty out there!) it is worth making some regular checks to ensure you are getting the best possible performance.  By following the below tips, your Freddy is likely to last 20+ years, as many already have.  If you are unsure, why not call our service department and get one of our highly trained engineers to come and take a look?

• Ensure filter basket lid seal is supple and not rock hard as effective sealing of lid to basket will be poor and leak.
• Ensure lid clamps are adjusted correctly, i.e- adjust adjustment screw under clamp until on closure you have an easy snap closure of the clamp.
• Ensure manhole cover seal is supple and not hard to ensure effective sealing of manhole cover to tank.
• Ensure when replacing cove that the location pins are within the cover plate securing bar.
• Ensure all mains leads are in good condition and no splits or abrasions.
• Ensure any sockets and plugs are not damaged or have protection caps missing or damaged.
• Check for leaks around tank brackets, cover plate housing and seams.  Call us if you think a repair is necessary.
• Always check you are using the correct filter bag – if you are unsure, call us and we will be happy to help.
• Check filter basket seal for wear and tear.
• All Freddy lid clamps are adjustable, so make sure they are tight before use.
• Always make sure the hose clips are tight as this will provide optimum vacuum.
• Check hoses for leaks are wear before use.  Remember – good hose = good vacuum.
• Make sure all wheels and castors are greased to ensure ease of manoeuvrability.
• Eventually the motors brushes on bypass motors can wear down, check these and replace if needed.
• Check fittings and cables for damage or wear on all electrics and replace when required.
• Tools such as floor nozzle blades can wear out, so be sure to check and replace when needed.
• Clean and test the float cut out on a regular basis to ensure smooth running.
• If you have a battery operated Freddy, make sure the batteries are topped up and charged on a regular basis.
• If you have a Tramp Oil Separator make sure the filter bowl and the coaleser media is cleaned and checked on a regular basis.
• On the Mark V, clean and grease the tipper ratchet on a regular basis to ensure smooth operation.
• And remember, if your Freddy hasn’t been looked at by one of our engineers for a while, it could do with a service, we offer great rates and our engineers know our machines inside and out!
• To keep your Freddy working as well as it should, try to clean it out on a regular basis – we recommend our new Freddy Super De Greaser.
• Clean the float when you clean the machine.  Wipe the float ball down gently with a rag to make sure the cut off system is not blocked.  This will prevent the motors flooding!
• Check seals every couple of months, damaged or hardened seals will not seal effectively and cause lack of suction.
• Always use a filter bag.  If you don’t contaminants will line the tank of your machine.  This will not only smell, but make the machine very difficult to clean, heavy to move, and over time reduce the capacity of your machine.

If you need to buy spares or filter bags, you can buy online for next day delivery here or call us on 01386 561113 and place your order over the phone.

Our service team are always available to help, you can get in touch by email to service@freddy-products.co.uk or call on 01386 551947.