Many of our customers are familiar with the range of Coolant Recycling Vacuums we manufacture.  However, not everyone is aware of our special projects and the bespoke work we do for our customers.

The most recent of which is currently in the test phase.  This particular project came from one of our customers in the automotive sector last year.  With a planned factory expansion, they wanted to look at options to streamline their operations and become more efficient as they increased production.

Titan unloadingAlready owning several Freddy’s, they were happy with the operation but wanted something on a bigger scale. They wanted to be able to empty their planned new wash machines –  between 2,000 – 2,500 litres – in one go, so came to us to see if this was possible.

With our in-house CAD design and fabrication teams, we were able to first create a CAD model that they were able to prove out in their virtual factory and then we were able to amend the design accordingly and fabricate a trial model, which is currently being tested.

Able to offer a full design and build service, we can modify or create a machine to suit.  You can view a selection of our previous bespoke work by clicking here.

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