Wellbeing at work has long been a focus at Freddy Products.  But what does it actually mean?  From company yoga classes to flexible working, much can be under the heading.

How do we try to promote wellbeing at work?

Well for starters, we have an open office.  This is becoming less fashionable now, but for our team being able to converse together and help each other is a definite plus.

We have a fully functional kitchen, and we often take turns in cooking up a group breakfast, or putting together a buffet style lunch, whereby everyone gets involved.  Not only does this allow us to work together, but also facilitates healthy eating, as we are able to cook proper meals, not just having convenience foods, which is often the case when there are no cooking facilities.

A bike to work scheme is also offered, (full details on this, and the benefits of doing so can be seen in our previous blog, click here to view it) which offers many health and financial benefits, and is kinder for the environment, which is why so many employees snap up the offer.  As well as offering a bike at reduced cost, we made sure that there are facilities here to help, such as a shower to get fresh after riding in to work, and a washer dryer to get your kit clean ready for the journey home if needed.

We offer flexible hours, whether that is to fit around childcare, or a later start time to get in a gym session before work, being flexible means we get to relieve the stress associated with the standard 9 – 5 that simply does not work for some.

We actively promote, and fund social get-togethers.  As well as the annual Christmas party, we have team social events throughout the year, whether a pub lunch to celebrate a great sales month, or a night out to celebrate a birthday, getting together outside of the working environment allows the team to bond, and form friendships that create a great working environment.

Even at the most basic level, we always ensure that our company policies and procedures are up to date.  This means ensuring our employees have the correct PPE and workwear, making sure that any negative factors in the workplace are dealt with promptly and effectively and above all making sure that we listen to our employees.

As an added bonus, the company FD, is training to be a yoga instructor, and so has brought her passion for yoga into the workplace, offering free weekly yoga classes to anyone who wants to join in.

“Yoga has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember from watching my Mum do it when I was small to getting me through both pregnancies with very few issues.  When last year I got to the stage of dropping from working 5 to 4 days a week it seemed an obvious thing to train to do and I’ve loved every second of the course so far.  My Freddy yoga volunteers help me with learning how to teach during a lunch time class and always seem to enjoy it – especially the relaxation at the end.  I think of yoga as the stabilising force in my life – bringing everything back to an equilibrium when things feel slightly (or hugely) out of kilter”

Lynda Nutting – FD at Freddy Products (and yoga teacher)  

Since bringing yoga to the workplace, those that participate say that they feel relaxed and refreshed after the class, and it is something they really look forward to each week.

These are just some of the measures that as a company we have in place to promote wellbeing at work.  We believe that looking after your team is a vital part of any business, and we continually look at ways to better this, whether through offering private healthcare, childcare vouchers, or perks such as spa vouchers and other rewards.

If you would like more information about wellbeing at work, here is a link to the IOSH working well guide. www.iosh.co.uk/workingwell

How are you promoting wellbeing in your workplace?  We would love to know!