I joined Freddy in the accounts department, the day before my 21st birthday, the 2nd June 2007. Having only worked for one employer previously, I was both nervous and excited by the prospect of a new challenge in a new company.

I had been interviewed firstly by Owen, who I later learned was the Operations Manager, and then by the Managing Director at the time Leigh and the company accountant Rachel.  Having only had one previous interview in my working career, I had hoped I would come across well, and not look as nervous as I felt, but when I got called back for a second interview I felt confident and that joining Freddy was a real possibility.

Owen later told me that I came across like a ‘The Apprentice’ candidate – which I think was a compliment as I was offered the job!

Throughout my 10 years a lot has happened at Freddy. From the recession of 2009 which saw cut backs and redundancies to now, in our own bespoke built premises and a larger manufacturing team than ever.  Personally, I met my best Friend Harriet at Freddy, who introduced me to her brother, who I got married to, and now have a daughter with who will be 1 in July, lots of change all around!

I have been involved with accounts, marketing, sales and service, with a dash of I.T, I feel like I know Freddy inside out! From helping design my first exhibition stand at MACH 2012, to reformatting the service department software in 2015 I have been part of great change at Freddy, and now we are stronger than ever.

Working at Freddy Products is like a second home, with most of us having worked here for many years not only are we work colleagues, but friends.  We have all grown with each other, some of us getting married and starting families, or buying homes and exploring the world, we are all supportive of each other, both professionally and personally.

I think it is because of this we are able to offer the level of customer service that we do. We all know our products, some of us having been involved in the manufacturing and servicing of them, and we are passionate not only about the product but what we consider to be our company.

And that is how we consider it, we may not own it, but this is our company, we have helped build it to what it is, and our all proud of where we are today. Which it why after 10 years I look ahead to the next 10, and think about what can be accomplished with our team, our work family, and if they are as exciting as the first 10 years, I cannot wait to celebrate 20 years at Freddy.

Lisa Tomkins – Marketing & Office Manager

To find out more about Freddy Products, or to talk to one of our team members (my Freddy family) call us on 01386 561113 or email hello@freddy-products.co.uk